In 2020, the following research projects were funded:

  • Dr Manar Khashram, The management and outcome of diabetic foot ulcers: A prospective ANZ multi-centre study
  • Dr Joseph Dawson, The Role of Small Colony Variants in the Microbiome of Patients with Diabetic Foot Ulcers
  • Dr Chris Delaney, The role of breath metabolics as a non-invasive screening tool to detect malnutrition in patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease: A pilot study

In 2018, the following research projects were funded:

  • Assoc Prof Christopher Askew, Passive leg movement therapy to enhance revascularisaiton outcomes of peripheral arterial disease
  • Prof Jonathan Golledge, Metformin in the mAnaGement of abdomInal aortiC aneurysm (MAGIC)
  • Dr David Robinson, VEGF levels in endoleaks requiring intervention

In 2016, from a pool of seven grant applications the Vascular Foundation research grant program funded three important research projects:

  • Dr Sarah Aitken, University of Sydney, Surgical outcomes of older patients having vascular surgery in NSW
  • Professor Rob Fitridge, University of Adelaide, Outcomes in diabetic foot ulcers
  • Professor Paul Norman, University of Western Australia, Imaging of aortic dissection

Preventing vascular disease

The Vascular Foundation provides funding for critical research into all aspects of vascular disease. By improving our understanding of causes of vascular disease and investigating new treatments, the Vascular Foundation is committed to a better life for all vascular patients and their families.

Seeing the signs

  • Recognising biomarkers, predictors and risk factors
  • Knowing the role of genetics, lifestyle and health issues


  • Understanding the role of exercise
  • Appreciating nutrition and diet
  • Maximising arterial health
  • Reducing cholesterol build up
  • Encouraging patients not to smoke

Management & treatment

  • Results of early intervention
  • Blood supply, keeping it flowing
  • Preventing kidney failure
  • Seeking improvements to dialysis
  • Minimising amputation risks
  • Restoring arterial health
  • Improving drug efficacy case by case

A brighter future

  • The drive for less invasive treatments
  • Reversing poor vascular health with combined approaches
  • Evidence-based decision-making
  • Greater knowledge and better communication