• The ANZSVS Bi-National audit is a directive from the executive of the ANZSVS with its inception and everyday administration being the responsibility of the Audit/CPD subcommittee of the ANZSVS. This subcommittee has a representative from each state as well as New Zealand.
  • The concept of a bi-national audit had been on the Society’s agenda since at least early 2001. All ANZSVS executives and their respective Presidents have unanimously endorsed the concept since that time.
  • At the business meeting of the ANZSVS members at the ASC in Christchurch in May 2007, an overwhelming majority of those present voted that the audit be progressed and in addition, without dissent, agreed that members should fund it.
  • At the Vascular 2007 meeting later that year in Melbourne the membership at its AGM voted, again without dissent, that participation in the audit process as directed by the executive via the Audit/CPD subcommittee should be a prerequisite for ordinary membership. This however would require constitutional change.
  • In the business meeting of the ANZSVS at the ASC in Hong Kong in May 2008, a motion that the proposed constitutional change be put as a democratic postal ballot to the full membership (as opposed to the other constitutionally legitimate method of a show of hands at the 2008 AGM) was passed. The democratic postal ballot was carried by a 92.4% vote.
  • At the executive meeting of the ANZSVS at Vascular 2008 in Adelaide the executive directed the Audit/CPD to institute the audit in the format which had been sent to the membership in early May 2008. Executive Members Present: Peter Woodruff (Chair), Noel Atkinson (Secretary/Treasurer), Glen Benveniste, Bernard Bourke, Douglas Cavaye, Andrew Hill, Alan Scott, Jim May, Peter Subramaniam, John Crozier, Brendan Stanley, Philip Colman, John Golledge, Gary Fell, Michael Grigg, Robert Fitridge. At that meeting the nature of the audit embodied in the 4 attachments sent out to the membership (including the outlier mechanism) was ratified. This was then made clear at the AGM of the membership at that same meeting in September 2008.
  • As of January 1, 2010 the ANZSVS Bi-National audit will be administered
  1. In Australia as the web-based Australasian Vascular Audit ( AVA)
  2. In New Zealand as a continuation of the current New Zealand National Vascular Audit